We offer management services to companies working within the tourist and commercial sectors, primarily those related to Shopping Tourism and related services, as well as tax, labour, accounting and legal consultancy, such as international consultancy in relation to tourism.

Our conception of consulting goes far beyond facilitating the implementation of legal and tax obligations. We are aware that our customers need to have confidentiality, privacy and data protection guarantees, as well as the support of its advisor with regard to key factors in its business strategy: patents, transmission, sale and valuation of intangibles.

Our group also helps them to achieve strategic alliances with suppliers and partners, especially in the field of international fashion industry, and its relationship with national and international Tourist Officers.

About Us

Chronos Brand consists of professionals with great experience in different areas of our work fields related to tourist and commercial sectors at national and international level, in the field of tourism and business management, and part of the team of Chronos Brand International.

Several years of work in the field of shopping tourism allow the good positioning of Chronos Brand in the commercial and tourism sector.


International consultancy

Management of tourist visits and purchases

Some years ago, Tourism Shopping and tourist experiences were an accessory for traveling, nowadays is one of the motivation for choosing a destination and, in some cases, a powerful revulsive of positioning.

Our knowledge of the national and international market, as well as the development of tools and actions in the touristic and commercial sector, has enabled the development of programs aimed to promote shopping tourism to international brands and destinations.

Our international experience allows us to offer our customers advice and consultancy in new markets knowledge and implementation in all its stages of its internationalization process.

A proven experience and a set of advisers in the markets chosen by the customer allows us to have a high grade of effectiveness and efficiency achieving our goals.

Management of tourist visits and purchases

Our knowledge about the market, the development of technological tools that allows the management and recording of economic transactions, and important international agreements with fashion brands, retail companies, tourist destinations, etc., allow us the development of programs in touristic destinations with the highest quality standards.

Other Services

CE Audit
Advisory consulting and auditing services of annual accounts and other financial statements or accounting documents. Both the private sector and entities that are part of the public sector.
Corporate Finance
Our consultancy of Corporate finance makes available to the customer consulting and advice services in corporate operations, such as buying and selling companies, backed by professionals with a solid sectorial knowledge.
Human Resources
Personnel selection.
Human resources consultancy.
Study, design and implementation of remuneration policies.
Head hunting.
Outplacement programs.
Other services
We have alliances and partnerships with leading companies covering such diverse areas as:

– Insurances

– Implementation of Quality Systems

– Prevention of Occupational Risks

– Employment Services

– Renting

– Subsidies

– Consultancy and auditing in data protection


Inicio de actividades en España, Portugal y Latam

Con una importante presencia en Europa y, con el objetivo de ampliar la expansión y colaboración con nuestros socios, en el último trimestre de 2015 se iniciaron las actividades en España y Portugal, así como distintas operaciones en los continentes … Read More


Shopping and Experience Festival – Madrid

International Indian Film Academy y Chronos Brand firman el acuerdo para desarrollar el programa denominado Shopping and Experience Festival – Madrid Con motivo de la celebración de la entrega de los Premios de la International Indian Film Academy que se … Read More

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